Sometimes people ask me, what I studied in my younger years. They are often surprised to hear that I have a master degree in social anthropology and history. I was very much in love with old archives, worked for three years with old documents from the thirthy years war (1618-48). I did field research in Tanzania and investigated into young adolescents leisure time with qualitative interviews, living in an very guest-friendly outskirt of dar es salaam and enjoying to learn from the most patient hosts whatever they want to teach me about Swahili culture.

After that, people often look at me with big eyes. How did it come that I changed those two fields of mine, and did a jump in time and space, now investigating on contemporary representations of organisations instead of letter correspondence – and focusing on Switzerland and not on Tanzania anymore? The answer is shortly said: From the first day in online-communication and exploring the field of content strategy, I felt that the skills of my studies are very useful.

Have a look at the video to learn, what I can use from my former studies. So in the end I want to tell you: Don’t care too much about the choice of your studies. Do the things you love. Keep being interested and curious. And if there is an open door to online communication, just go and have a look how it is working there. It might turn out the same way than it did in my case, where I realised that through my studies I am best prepared for every adventure😊!