London? Yes, this week was part of our master program! For five days we had the possibility to visit the content strategist’s hot spot. And I can tell you that the week was full of insights. I struggled hard to put everything together in some short lessons learned summarized in that one video below.

Possibilities to exchange with experts

But one thing in advance: Our teachers did a great job by organizing various possibilities for exchange! For example by hosting a discussion round with experts about “the future of content strategy” and by inviting people in a round called “a day in the life of a content strategist”. The variety of possible tasks for content strategists in daily life is amazing, as is their different perspective on content strategy and their individual focus spanning from being marketing experts of big data to people emphasizing on message architecture to develop a brand’s voice and tone.
And what you can learn from all of them: As content strategist, you have to embrace the change.

“Focus less on the problems and more on the answers” – Lucie Hyde, Barclaycard

As content strategists, we own several tools and approaches to cope with future challenges, and the stage is ours to go on and combine all the different facets of a brand’s content into a coherent, whole future representation. So don’t be shy, go ahead and start your journey. And a short trip to London from time to time for exchange and interesting conferences should be part of your future budget too.

Video with insights

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Organisations visited in London